New Direction for Church of the Covered Dish!

Please review and answer the questions below this blog post.

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On August 30, 2015 I retired from the pastorate. After 35 years as a pastor, my health, due to a bout with Spinal Meningitis and a resulting deep brain stroke has drained me of many abilities. The Meningitis occurred in February of 2015 and the doctors said I would probably recover within six months to a year. Well, the stroke caused by brain swelling during Meningitis had done more damage than expected, and I was left with very little balance and residual infection which caused bouts of confusion and inability to think properly.

With all that said, people all over the world have been there for me, e-mailing me with their support in prayer and concern. One church in Clarksville TN has even supported us monthly with a very generous monetary gift, and has informed me they will continue for another several months! They truly blessed my wife Gail and me by surprising us this way. They have truly been the instrument of God in our lives during this time, and did so spontaneously, demonstrating the love of Christ unselfishly and in a sacrificial way! Thank you to all who have been there for me in prayer and every other way.

When the church I pastored for 20 years told me they could no longer afford to give me time to recover, I was left with only one recourse; forced retirement.

I am now going to focus on building a business from the Church of the Covered Dish. I have some questions I would appreciate your help with in doing that. I want to build a clientele for my cartooning that will benefit churches, publications, and me. I want to price things fairly, so anyone can afford my work if they want it, and so it is worth my time, and web costs to continue.

Thank you for reading this far, and please continue to pray for my recovery. I am doing MUCH better than I was only a couple of months ago!

You can help me very much by giving me any suggestions to add/change or expand on the cartoons I provide to churches and publications. To start, please give your input on the following if you have any, and add anything I haven’t thought of in your responses.

(To answer these questions, please leave a reply on this blog. I have made replies open to the public)

1 – Do you prefer to see church related cartoons in single panel format, strip format with three to four frames per strip, or a mixture of both?

2 – Would you like to see Christian related “Editorial” cartoons in a separate category?

3 – Of the Christian publications you read, would you like to see the Covered Dish cartoons featured? If so, would you please share those publications with me?

4 – What sort of web presentation would you like to see for previews, and sample cartoons of the Covered Dish cartoons?

5 – What would you consider to be a reasonable price for church use annual subscriptions?

6 – If you are a publisher/editor for a Christian publication, what would you consider to be a reasonable price for cartoon use in publications? What sort of arrangement would you consider to be optimum for such publications?

If you have suggestions for me, I would really like to read them. All of your replies will be read and given much thought. Add anything you think might help!

Thank you for your cooperation, and especially for your prayers!

In Christ – Thom Tapp


2 thoughts on “New Direction for Church of the Covered Dish!

  • November 17, 2015 at 11:49 am

    So glad to have a site for clean humor! In these times we live in being able to laugh at ourselves is so important. I love all topics, and prefer the ( one box )? type of cartoon.


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