About the Cartoonist...

     As a pastor since 1980, I have seen my share of church related humor! From botched baptisms, to business meetings gone wrong... humor happens!
     I am married to Gail McGuffin Tapp, and we have been married since 1971. We have three grown children - Bobby, Heather, and Aaron.
     I retired from the pastorate in August of 2015, and enjoy the freedom it affords my wife Gail and me.

Here is a list of publications that have published my work:

Baptist Press (Weekly) available to over 40 state newspapers
The Maryville Daily Times (Sunday Strip in the comics section)
The Baptist and Reflector (Tennessee's State Baptist Newspaper)
Baptist Courier (South Carolina's State Baptist Newspaper)
GDP-Previewer in Illinois (Monthly Christian Newspaper)
The Northern Michigan Christian (Monthly Christian Newspaper)
The Roane Reader (Monthly Newspaper in Harriman Tennessee)
Leadership Journal (Quarterly Journal for Clergy)
Christian Computing Magazine (Monthly Magazine about Computing)
The Lutheran (Lutheran Denominational Magazine)
Preaching (Quarterly Magazine for Preachers)
Enrichment (A Denominational Magazine for the Church of God)
Ministries Today (A Denominational Magazine)
The Roane County News (Our Local Newspaper)
HUNDREDS of sites on the Internet

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Thom Tapp